As a prisoner of the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.        Ephesians 4:1

What’s our purpose?

· To help you discover God’s unique call in your life.
· To give you a process for living more intentionally as leaders.
· To help you experience a fresh surrender to God’s will.
Does your church need revival?
Does your church need revival?

What do we hope to achieve?

·  We hope to give you a renewed focus on what really matters. We want to help you “Put feet to your faith”!

· Our desire is to help you begin living a life in which you possess the courage and clarity to follow God and serve His purposes.

· It’s not about finding your spiritual gift. There are spiritual gifts  surveys too numerous to count that can help you do that.

· It’s about helping you envision and live out the  future God has for you.